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Floors can be further enhanced with new and recycled tile ramps/edging combined with the MotoLock tiles to create coloured patterned floor layouts. The Ramp/Edge tiles match the tile face design, height, materials and colour. The Ramp/Edge tiles have a ramped front and are designed to interlock with each other to create a corner and with the MotoLock tiles. The Ramp/Edge dimensions are 495mm x 140mm x 7mm and are available to buy at the shop

Tile ramps are essential to facilitate driving vehicles on and off the tiled garage floor without damaging tile edges or disturbing the overall layout. The Ramp/Edge are fitted to the garage door edge of the tiled floor or on 3 or 4 sides of a 'pad' layout that can be used for a showroom or an exhibition display stand/area. The MotoLock Tile Ramp/Edge are colour matched to the MotoLock interlocking Tiles.

Adding these finishing touches could help when selling a house with an attractively presented garage. All of the Mototile products are easy to lay, cut or trim. Attractive colour range - all manufactured in new or recycled PVC material.

New & Recycled PVC MotoLock Ramp/Edge Starting From
RRP £3.99 | £3.75 (excluding VAT)
£4.50 (including VAT)
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