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MotoLock tiles can withstand heavy traffic and are resistant to abrasion, impact and the penetration of liquids - including oils, solvents, acids etc. MotoLock tiles are designed to take high compression loads, like those found in materials movements operations in workshops, warehouses and distribution centres while the neat finish and smooth fit makes the tiles suitable for retail spaces, playrooms, gyms, garages, utility rooms, exhibition stands and more. Large space applications include exhibitions, railway stations, airports, passenger terminals, power plants, hangars and fire stations.

Diamond Plate and Cointop face patterns are available together with matching ramps/edging corner tiles. The interlocking tiles can be laid quickly and easily on any reasonably smooth and level concrete base creating ready-for-use, dust-free, anti-skid surfaces. No special preparation of the existing floor is required to remove blemishes like oil spatter, cracks and minor surface irregularities prior to laying the tiles. The floor tiles are resistant to mechanical and chemical damage and tolerant of under-layer moisture. Using interlocking tiles makes a floor easy to repair and even portable if need be.

The MotoLock Tiles can be laid onto any hard, level surface including concrete and wooden floors, ceramic tiled floors, linoleum and vinyl. However, they are not suitable for fitting directly over a flexing surface such as carpet or carpet tiles. The tiles create an attractive non-slip surface that is easily cleaned with a brush and sponge floor mop. If major damage occurs, individual tiles can be purchased for replacement or tiles can be re-arranged to hide damage.

New PVC MotoLock Interlocking Floor Tiles Starting From
RRP £7.25 | £6.95 (excluding VAT)
£8.34 (including VAT)
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How To Install Your Garage Floor Tiles

How To Install The MotoLock Product From Mototile

An installation guide for the MotoLock interlocking tile product.

MotoLock Install Guide

Add Some Interlocking Ramp/Edge Tiles To Your Space

Floors can be further enhanced with tile ramps/edging and by a combinations of tile colours to create patterned floor layouts. Most of the colours in the MotoLock range of tiles are one price so multi-colour floor designs often cost no more than a single colour layouts.

The Ramp/Edge tiles match the tile face design, height, materials and colour. The Ramp/Edge tiles have a ramped front and are designed to interlock with each other to create a corner and with the MotoLock tiles. The Ramp/Edge dimensions are 495mm x 140mm x 7mm and are available to buy at the shop

Adding these finishing touches could help when selling a house with an attractively presented garage. All of the Mototile products are easy to lay, cut or trim. Attractive colour range - all manufactured in new or recycled PVC material.

New PVC MotoLock Interlocking Tile Ramp/Edging Starting From
RRP £4.25 | £3.95 (excluding VAT)
£4.74 (including VAT)
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