How to install MotoMat Ramps

Installation Video Of MotoMat Corner Ramps

Wide tabs of the MotoMat Tile to narrow tabs of the ramp are refered as a MALE Ramps. Narrow tabs of the MotoMat tile to wide tabs of the ramp are referred as a FEMALE Ramps. To make a corner ramp using the MALE and FEMALE Ramps simple cut along the lines seen on the bottom side (underneath) of the Ramps. Once cutting has completed these corner ramps will roughly start half way down the side of the tile.

Please review the following video detailing the different types of Male and Female ramps, available in a black and yellow colour. This video also features and shows you how easy it is to create and install corner ramps using the MotoMat products.

play video how to make motomat corner ramps

MotoMat Ramp/edging and image showing you how to make corner Ramps

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