MotoVent Rib Floor Male Ramp
MotoVent Rib Floor Male Ramp
MotoVent Rib Floor Male Ramp
MotoVent Rib Floor Male Ramp
MotoVent Rib Floor Male Ramp

MotoVent Rib Floor Male Ramp

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The MotoVent Floor Tiles can be further enhanced and combined with this Black MotoVent Male Ramps or Edging Drain Tiles. The Black MotoVent Male Ramps match the MotoVent Tile face design, height and colour. These Black MotoVent Male Ramps simple lock to flat sides of the MotoVent Tiles.

Weather resistance is a priority, and our ramps are designed to withstand adverse elements both indoors and outdoors. From extreme temperatures to moisture and heavy foot traffic, these components maintain their integrity, providing long-lasting functionality. Enjoy a hassle-free installation experience with our effortless interlocking system.

The Black MotoVent Male Ramps have been engineered to withstand heavyweights, including fork trucks, HGVs, and machinery. You can rely on their robust construction to support the demands of your environment. A perfect solution for Garages, Workshops, Warehouses, Gyms, Factories, Commercial and Temporary Spaces making your flooring space stand out.

About MotoVent:

Designed to withstand adverse and extreme elements, MotoVent Tiles are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Its quick and easy interlocking installation makes it a breeze to set up, saving you time and effort. Crafted from durable Polypropylene copolymer, these tiles are built to last, offering maximum protection and longevity.

Say goodbye to debris and dirt buildup with MotoVent's self-draining channels, allowing for efficient drainage. Furthermore, these tiles are resistant to oil, gas, acids, alkalis, and solvents, including Skydrol, making them suitable for a wide range of environments. With a remarkable ability to withstand up to 70,000 lbs of rollover weight and a compressive strength of 3120 psi, MotoVent tiles are built to handle heavy-duty applications. No matter the temperature, MotoVent delivers outstanding performance. With a commercial-grade heat resistance that tolerates temperatures between -22°F to +248°F, you can rely on these tiles in any climate. They also boast a fire rating of HB (Horizontal Burn), ensuring enhanced safety.

Choose from our range of Black or Dark Grey MotoVent Garage Floor Ramps, Edging Drain Tiles, and Ramp Corners, allowing you to match your existing flooring or create contrasting patterns for a visually stunning effect. The versatility of these colour options enables you to customize your space and achieve brilliant custom designs.

Product Sizes:

MotoVent Ramp and Corner Ramp Sizes:

Tile TypeLength (mm)Width from edge of ramp to inside (mm)Thickness (mm)
MotoVent Ramps4006018

Tile TypeLength (mm)Width (mm)Thickness (mm)
MotoVent Corner Ramps606018

MotoVent Tile Sizes:

Tile TypeInside to Outside (mm)Inside to Inside (mm)Thickness (mm)
MotoVent Tiles404 x 404400 x 40018

Finishing Touches To Your Flooring:

Combine your Black MotoVent Male Ramp with a range of coloured tiles, ramps/edging seen in the drop down menu and don't forget to add the Non-marking Rubber Mallet to your basket.

MotoVent Tools & Install Guides


MotoVent tile colours can be mixed and matched to create your own layout design - plan your design and quantities using our online tools:

Installation Guide:

The MotoVent Rib Interlocking Floor Tile can be cut or shaped using basic DIY skills and standard hand tools. Read more about installing the following Mototile Floor Tiles:

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