Give Your Flooring A Fresh And Modern Feel

A cold, dusty concrete floor can be a pretty unwelcome sight. Add some coloured interlocking tiles for your classic bike or car. Give your flooring a fresh and modern feel. Check out these photos from a recent Mototile customer.

Product used: Blue Cointop – Motolock Interlocking Floor TileElectric Blue Cointop – Motolock Interlocking Floor TileOrange Cointop – Motolock Interlocking Floor Tile and Dark Grey Cointop – Motolock Interlocking Floor Tile.

With the following rubber mallet.

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Bespoke Garage Floor.


Modular 105 –  a Kent based company specialising in bespoke garages and similar projects – used Mototile’s Motolock tiles in a Morgan themed garage project.

It’s a beauty.

And then they gave us a Tweet.

mod105-tweet-screenshotHere’s a couple of more detailed images …

morgan-themed-garagemorgan-garage-garden-viewMore information on this project at case studies.

Blue and Light Grey, Diamondplate pattern, Motolock tiles were used for the floor.