Mototile – Thank you for looking after us when we purchased our new floor


A quick message to thank you for looking after us when we purchased our new mototile floor.

It is now finished … here are some pictures of what it looks like after several weeks of Scouting use (a pretty good test!) It ticks all the boxes – easy to keep clean, durable, not slippery … And our young people particularly liked the colour-coded corners!

Tim (Group Scout Leader)

Mototile in a scout hut

Mototile in a scout hut

Mototile in a scout hut

Mototile in a scout hut

Mototile in a scout hut

Mototile in a scout hut

Another happy Mototile customer

I’m really pleased with the finished Mototile product. I was also very impressed with the product information you gave me. Particularly, when you advised me to use the 7mm tiles for my Bikes to Stand on.

Regards Geoff

Mototile - finished product 1

Mototile – finished product sent in by Geoff

Mototile - finished product 2

Mototile – finished product empty sent in by Geoff

Mototile 7mm tiles 1

7mm tiles for my Bikes to Stand on empty sent in by Geoff

Mototile 7mm tiles 2

7mm tiles for my Bikes to Stand on sent in by Geoff

Fairfield’s Flexible Flooring.


Fairfield BMW, Leigh-on-Sea  have marked out service bay areas on their new floor using Motolock tiles in Electric Blue against a Dark Grey tile background.





An advantage of interlocking tiles over other flooring methods here is that the bays can be moved or resized fairly easily by moving tiles around. Try that with paint.

Thank you for your great customer service.

The floor is now complete.

Please find some images attached.

We love the product.



Fancy a Night on the Tiles?


Advance preview of VR Hub – a Birmingham based virtual reality gaming facility.

VR Hub - Virtual Reality Gaming BirminghamAs mentioned…

Pics of our install. Will send an update once we finish the LED lighting.
Or if you use Instagram or Facebook you’ll find us using @theVRhub


Floor tiles used are Mototile Seamless Grey Cointop (aka Pennytop).

Different Angle


A novel fisheye lens view of a new Mototile Floor using Motolock tiles.

Red white and blue Motolock tile floor

Hi Paul,

Please find attached photo, sorry it’s taken me so long…


Time well spent we’d say …

It’s Stig!


OK not that Stig but a Stig.

Stigs Motolock Tiled Garage FloorTiles used were Mototile Seamless with Diamonplate pattern face.

Mototile Seamless floor tiles - Black and White floor pattern.

…. thought i’d send some pictures.

Still need to add skirting board though.
I’m a happy bunny 🙂

Thanks again


If you need skirting (or tiles) for your garage project try Mototile



This garage had me floored 🙄 even before the new floor was laid.

Motolock Tile Floor with Red Ferrari.Taking advantage of the fact that interlocking tiles can be moved around relatively easily, various layouts were tried on-site for this garage floor to find the ideal colour combinations.

Going the extra mile Mototile supplied layout drawings and tiles for the various options and the customers supplied some pix.

His & Hers Ferraris.Floor Layout White Parking Pad Option  Alternative-layout-2-MD-garageAlternative-layout-1-MD-garageBacklit Red Ferrari on Motolock Interlocking Tiles.

Hi Paul

Just finished the garage floor I think it looks great and I am well pleased, especially the design:  just got skirting to do. Thought you might like to see some pictures which I attach if you want to use them.

Kind regards

Michael & Diane

Tiles used were MotoLock Diamondplate (MotoLock FAQ here)