This garage had me floored 🙄 even before the new floor was laid.

Motolock Tile Floor with Red Ferrari.Taking advantage of the fact that interlocking tiles can be moved around relatively easily, various layouts were tried on-site for this garage floor to find the ideal colour combinations.

Going the extra mile Mototile supplied layout drawings and tiles for the various options and the customers supplied some pix.

His & Hers Ferraris.Floor Layout White Parking Pad Option  Alternative-layout-2-MD-garageAlternative-layout-1-MD-garageBacklit Red Ferrari on Motolock Interlocking Tiles.

Hi Paul

Just finished the garage floor I think it looks great and I am well pleased, especially the design:  just got skirting to do. Thought you might like to see some pictures which I attach if you want to use them.

Kind regards

Michael & Diane

Tiles used were MotoLock Diamondplate (MotoLock FAQ here)

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The three Mototile tile ranges, Seamless, MotoLock and MotoMat are now on display at a smart new showroom near Fareham in Hampshire.

Tile floor showroom - Maserati and Martini Racing design.We’re open Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm and Saturday by appointment and just 5 minutes from Junction 9 of the M27.

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Alternatively, why not visit the Mototile stand at one of the many auto-related events we exhibit at each year such as:

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Mototile's Tile Exhibition Stand.

You will also find us at the Goodwood Breakfast Club, which runs on the first Sunday of every month from March through to November.

Check this blog regularly, search for ‘Mototile’ on social media or visit mototile.com for details of events we’re attending.

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Recycled Materials Interlocking Floor Tiles.


Mototile now offers three interlocking floor tiles – two in black and one in grey – manufactured from recycled PVC materials.

The MotoMat recycled tile is UK sourced and has dimensions 500 x 500 x 12 mm (14mm including the pattern height).

Available in black only MotoMat has optional black or yellow edging ramps. The black ramps have the further option of being new or recycled materials. Yellow ramps are new PVC.

Recycled PVC interlocking floor tile from Mototile.As well as having the usual interlocking tile benefits this tile can be used in standing water.

Cost, at time of posting, is £3.75 per tile/ £15 sq m / (ex vat).

More information here …

The other recycled materials tile is MotoLock, the extra heavy duty tile, suitable for warehouse flooring and similar high traffic operations. This is EU sourced.

Tiles are 510 x 510 x 7mm and available in Black or Dark Grey.

The close-up below shows the Dark Grey recycled tile.

Ex VAT prices (at time of post) are £3.99 for the black tile and £4.29 for the grey tile with matching (recyled) ramps priced at £2.75

These tiles are also available in new materials at £5.85 per tile and £2.95 per ramp (ex vat).

More here …


500mm PVC Interlocking Flooring


We are introducing a new 500mm range of coloured tiles shortly but the Black recycled version of these tiles, plus black ramps and yellow ramps, is continuing under the name MotoMat.

(8th Nov 2013)

Recycled Tiles here.


Mototile’s speciality is PVC tiles designed for creating great patterned floors with seamless 333 x 333 x 7mm tiles but we also have a 500 x 500 x 12 mm interlocking flooring range.

Interlocking PVC Floor Tiles - Coin-top and Checkerplate designs.

The construction and thickness of these tiles is useful in situations where driving the neighbours wild with envy over your spiffy Mototile floor matters less than these factors:

enhanced sound damping
excellent vibration damping
good anti-fatigue properties
high levels of thermal insulation
the floor area is frequently subject to standing water
big area to tile  / small budget to work with
tiles are required for outdoor use

These ‘jigsaw’ fit tiles are available in coin-top or chequer-plate pattern in Black, Blue, Grey, Red or Yellow colours manufactured from new PVC and in black only recycled PVC.

Matching tile ramps are available in all the above styles and colours.

Colour and pattern matched floor tile ramps.

All interlocking flooring components are UK designed and manufactured.

New PVC tiles £5.95 black recycled PVC £3.75 each (all ex vat).
Cost per Sq Metre, including VAT, works out at  £28.56 for new PVC and £18.00 for recycled PVC.

More information here – Mototile 500mm Interlocking Tiles

Some tiles are plain thick – and that’s a good thing.

Apart from making the garage / workshop look good interlocking tiles have other benefits.

One we tend to hear more about this time of year is insulation from the cold concrete floor below.

UK manufactured Mototile tiles are 7mm thick and offer better insulation than, say, 5mm tiles.

It may not sound much but it’s a 40% difference in depth and materials  – and our tiles are not 40% more expensive than the 5mm ones. It also means the tile interlock depth is 40% deeper.

You get what you pay for, and with Mototile you get a lot.


Video – Mototile Garage Flooring


Here’s our short video guide on how to choose, buy and install Mototile garage floor tiles, ramps and skirting

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